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Ryan's success – "I take a walk and end up with an attractive girlfriend..."

I almost didn't wear the 1 scent that Saturday. But I spritz it on...

And at the market, I'm looking at cereals and there she is.

She stops me and asks me what cereal I like.

I realize this is her way of showing she liked me...

Now see each other once a week. And it's completely because of the 1 scent.

Serge's success – "Meeting an amazing cute girl at the gym is super easy now..."

So Ashleigh is a girl I met at the gym. I used to be afraid of meeting girls at the gym.

But she and I are next to each other on treadmills, and she starts a conversation with me.

I'm tongue-tied, you know?

I just say the first thing that pops into my head, "You're cute, you're cute, you're so cute I don't know what to say."

She laughs...she's flattered...we talk and she gives me her number.


If it wasn't for the 1 scent, I never would be with Ashleigh.

Daniel's success – "My office romance was fantastically easy thanks to this..."

Megan is a girl at work I've had a crush on for ages...

I'm eating lunch and she sits next to me and says, "I haven't seen you here before."

I don't know what to say, but it doesn't matter.

Now we are meeting up a few evenings a week and it's really the 1 scent that got her interested.

Here's what can happen when you're living a Life of Abundance...

Love in Aisle 5

I spot her by the tea bags and immediately think, "Whoa, she's cute!"

Then, whoops! She knocks a jar of honey sticks right off the shelf.

"Oops!" Her eyes go big, like a surprised cartoon character.

I jump in to help pick them up. Our hands both reach for the jar at the same time, our fingertips brushing against each other.

She grins and says, "Guess we're in a sticky situation, huh?"

We both laugh. Zing! Suddenly, the air feels like it's buzzing with good vibes.

"Wes, your 1 scent works amazingly well... I congratulate you on a sterling product, kudos 2 U!! Two thumbs way up!!" – Joe

An airplane affair...

Raven-haired vixen, mile-long legs, poured into her little red dress.

She's slipping into the seat next to me, skin grazing skin, a jolt of electricity sparking between us.

Did I really get this lucky, sitting next to a woman who could be a supermodel?

The lights dim, her eyes glittering as she glances my way. My mouth goes dry.

Her hand brushes mine on the armrest. It's no accident...

"A married woman was sitting next to me with her husband on an airplane.

She was looking at me and smiling.

Then she told her husband loudly that he needs to get the scent like the 1 I'm using." – Harry

I feel electricity as she is leaning in close...

The warm tickle of air is sending shivers down my spine.

...I'm feeling blazing heat from her...

I don't know where to even look...

Short, ragged breaths, my heartbeat echoing in my ears.

She opens those beautiful lips to ask me a question...

"Two women, as they were passing by caught the whiff of the aroma of the 1 scent.

They stopped what they were doing and complemented me on how well and intoxicating I smelled.

One of the women even came in close, her lips inches from my neck and ear and inhaled deeply with a naughty smile on her face." – Pete

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And it takes time to pick up the hidden signals girls are getting you.

You'll see her toss her hair, look at you longer than she has...she'll be approaching you, you'll be talking and she'll take your arm and you'll be doing selfies together and she'll be at your place...

Yesterday you were walking in a blur...today you're making eye contact, she's laughing and smiling and she's snuggling up to you. Wow, this is amazing...

Remember: It takes time to begin receiving the hidden signals and getting girls to your place if you haven't had this experience already.

But you'll soon be enjoying the Life of Abundance and life is so incredible now...

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The question is, are you going to stay in the Life of Abundance? Or are you going to fall back to "life as usual."

I find there are some men who just can't see themselves with beautiful women. They just have to gravitate to the TV, the computer, life alone.

And other men grasp this life and say, "I want this. I want to have women now and for the rest of my life."

It's up to you really. It's your choice. That's why I say this is time to "decide" who you really want to be?

The Army used to have an ad "be all that you can be."

And that's how it is with the Life of Abundance.

You can have this life, or you can just pass it on and go back to a life of loneliness and being on your own.

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