Why a Man Should Pick His Own Cologne

I’ve already talked here about how important smell is to women when it comes to picking mates…

So it should come as no surprise that every man should be wearing a high-quality cologne.

And I cannot stress enough that your cologne needs to be high-quality.

At first whiff that cheap cologne you can pick up in the mall for a few bucks might not smell too different from a more expensive one…

…but I can guarantee that it won’t stand the rest of time.

The longer it’s on your skin, as the hours pass and the cologne mingles with your sweat and hormones, that cheap scent is quickly going to start smelling like rancid chemicals.

You might start your date smelling like leather and wood (those are the easy-to-duplicate top scents) from a cheap scent…
…but you’re going to end your date reeking of a chemical toilet at the end…

If you want to drive her crazy with attraction, then you want to take the time to pick out a unique scent that can’t be duplicated or forgotten…

One that will linger in her mind, so that the next time she smells it she’s instantly reminded of you…

…so all those luxurious memories come rushing back instantly.

Cheap colognes are also alcohol-based with sweet, heavy scents that lack any of the sophisticated complexity of a truly high-quality fragrance.

And is that really what you want to be spraying on your skin?

Of course not — you’re a man with a lot to offer a woman, and you want her to instinctively, subconsciously recognize that.

You want to pick a signature scent, the fragrance that uniquely embodies you.

One that reflects your personality — not a cheap, ordinary scent but one that’s masculine, confident, and crazy attractive.

This is the scent that you wear every day. The scent that people will learn to associate with you.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that your signature scent is your legacy — which is why it’s so important to pick your own cologne.

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